Decorative Works

We provide  Polished Terrazzo, 3D metallic Epoxy floor, Tiling, Polished concrete, All Industrial Floor finishing and Polyurethane floors.
We have the best range of service when it comes to floor finishing, we assure you the best quality, durable floor finishing and also affordability. We also ensures that all safety precautions are adhered to since it is one of the essentials that every site and persons are protected against any possible dangers and also we ensure quality control.


 With the Use of Membranes , Eco friendly chemicals and  protective coatings, we are able to insulate structures from dampness and groundwater hence,the strength and the durability of the structure is ensured .Power HD is here to meet all your leakage problems, and ensure that your structure is impermeable from foundation to the roof. Power HD is your one stop for all your Engineering Need.

Aco Drains

Aco drainage system is a beautiful technology and has been developed to satisfy the demand for versatile, high capacity slot drainage for a wide range of applications, involving small or large catchment areas to any low local class. The system is specially designed to form an integrate port of any modern sustainable surface water management. They are made from polyethylene and ensuring that system is light weight and robust. They are durable and robust and enhance the beauty of the environment also It helps to separate waste and helps to increase life span and reduce the rate of distilling. With this being one of our core specialties ,we offer unmatched quality of service and material.


We offer professional and highly accurate Chain,Compass,Plane Table,Theodolite,Tacheometric and Photographic  Surveying Services for the Construction of Dams,Railroads,Road,Factories,Residential and Commercial Structures Etc. With a team of skilled surveyors who deploy state of the art technology in their surveying services.  

Real Estate Services

Get in touch for your Property management,Real Estate Brokerage,Property Valuation and Property Documentation Services, with a higher level of satisfaction while value for money is guaranteed. Look no further for we are at your beck and call for all your real estate needs.

Architecture / Engineering Designs

Let Us beautifully design your Homes,Churches,Hospitals,Factories,Office Complex and complex structures.You are guaranteed of beautiful and modern design because we deploy state of the art technology and craftsmanship  on all designs.Get in touch today,lets start a project together.